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1. Having or expressing a meaning; meaningful. See synonym: expressive.    2. Having or likely to have a major effect; important    3. Fairly large in amount or quantity.    4. Observations or occurrences that are too closely correlated to be attributed to chance; statistically speaking...highly probable.


1. Having a color similar to that of a clear, unclouded sky; 2. Strong in business 3. blue ribbon: Anything the attainment of which is an object of great ambition or distinction; a prize. 4. true blue: not modified, nor mixed; genuine and thorough;

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The Discovery Center and Wasco County Museum

Significant Blue Web Design goes significantly brown with its latest project—the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Wasco County Museum website.

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Significant Blue is a Google Favorite Place

A fun piece of news. Significant Blue Web Design is a Google Favorite Place!

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